Motivating Challenges

For sure, the challenges are huge, but on the other hand they come with equally huge chances. Especially, since Welding is a worldwide acting but still family-owned company. In a nutshell: straightforward structures, clearly defined tasks as well as short communication ways and flat hierarchies.

City Map of HamburgWelding staff esteems the working climate characterized by trust, likewise a joint team work defined by colleagueship and professionalism. Not only our business partners are international, but also the employees and nevertheless they are molded by the personal note of a successful family-owned company. This is the reason why one third of all Welding staff have been with the company for 15 years and longer.

Encourage and challenge

Next to the personal autonomy of decision and the exciting tasks in attractive projects Welding employees appreciate the inner-city location at Alster and Planten und Blomen in modern, well equipped offices. The easily accessible location and the HVV-Profi-Card round off the picture.

You want to find out by yourself, how the future and tradition complement each other in a company, which is acting in the responsibility of hanseatic tradesmenship and is a trustful partner for its employees. Please give us a call. Reliable employees and colleagues are always welcome.