Core competences

We are not only distinguished by our normal assignments such as extensive and customer-orientated services but even more by our core competences. Global marketing, sourcing and distribution of:

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients for human and veterinary medicines - our revenue is generated from products e.g.  Propyphenazone, Heparin Na, Levothyroxine Na, Doxycycline, Clindamycin HCl, Naloxone HCl dihydrate and Thioctic Acid
  • additives for the food industry - we create solutions and attractive portfolio for product groups including amino acids, functional compounds, proteins, gelling agents and thickeners
  • additives for the feed industries - we continue to focus on our strong position containing DL-Methionine feed grade, L-Tryptophan feed grade, L-Threonine feed grade and Inositol

Development, registration and marketing of generic formulations for human and veterinary medicines. Management and global marketing of co-operation projects, sourcing of registration dossiers and marketing authorizations. Patent research and evaluation for selected molecules and markets as well as generic formulations.

Business supporting services related to Quality Management Regulatory Affairs: support in the establishment of technical documentations, registrations, CEP and GMP: GMP – qualification of suppliers through Regulatory Affairs, ASMF, CEP as well as GMP-Audits.