Choosing from a wide range of products, feed manufacturers, premix, animal feed and fish feed producers can purchase amino acids, vitamins, pigments and other feed additives and feed materials from WELDING at competitive prices and with reliable delivery conditions.

Protein synthesis is an indispensable process in living organisms. For protein to be synthesised, the required essential and non-essential amino acids must be present where synthesis takes place depending on the requirements of the organism. When the supply of one of these essential amino acids is inadequate, the synthesis process is impaired.

Committed to animal nutrition, WELDING markets essential amino acids for poultry, pigs and other species. With amino acids, animals require less feed and their excretion of nitrogen is reduced. WELDING lowers the carbon footprint of livestock farming to a certain extent.

Selected Amino Acids

Qualified Manufacturers:

  • Volzhsky Orgsynthese (Russia)
  • Meihua (China)
  • Eppen (China)
  • Fufeng (China)
  • Henan Julong (China)
  • Daesang (Korea)