2 octobre 2023 - Group

Building Strong Bonds

WELDING GmbH & Co. KG is all about building strong relationships through cultural exchange and experience sharing!
For many years, we have been fortunate to have two colleagues from China as part of our team. Last week, they paid us a visit here in Hamburg, Germany, and it was truly a memorable experience! 🇨🇳 🇩🇪
For a full week, during the day, we had valuable discussions and knowledge exchanges on audits, GMP, and our services. We believe that these interactions help us strengthen our expertise and improve our offerings.
But it wasn't all work and no play! In the evenings, we enjoyed each other's company, with shared outings and delicious dinners. It's not often that we get to spend quality time together, so these moments were truly cherished.
Our Chinese colleagues play a crucial role in conducting audits with our suppliers in China. Despite the long and challenging journey between China and Germany, they put in the effort to ensure that we have a strong personal connection with our partners. This not only enhances our understanding of the Chinese culture but also fosters trust and cooperation among all parties involved.
We believe that this personal touch creates a sense of unity and shared purpose, benefiting our partners, customers, and friends. By having our auditors on-site, we can establish a deeper connection with our Chinese suppliers, gaining a better understanding of their processes and values. This, in turn, helps them feel confident in our partnership and creates an atmosphere of trust.
At Welding, we strive to bridge gaps, build relationships, and create a global community that thrives on cultural exchange and cooperation. Let's celebrate our singularities, learn from one another, and continue to forge strong bonds that transcend borders!