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Amino acids

Protein biosynthesis is the basis of the most vital process for survival for all living things.

This process forms new proteins in cells. This does not happen by chance, but according to a plan determined by the genetic information. Amino acids take on the role of master builders. Without them, the vital protein synthesis does not take place. 

In animal nutrition, a distinction is made between essential and non-essential amino acids. For proteins to be synthesised, both essential and non-essential amino acids – depending on individual requirements – must be present at the site of synthesis. If the supply of one of these amino acids

does not meet the requirements of the animal organism, this hasdisadvantages for synthesis.

Within our WELDING FEED portfolio we offer essential amino acids for poultry, pigs and other species. Adding amino acids means that the animals need less feed and also excrete less nitrogen: this means that we improve the CO2 footprint of animal husbandry.

Selected amino acids:

  • Arginine, L-
  • Lysine HCl, L-
  • Lysine sulphate, L-
  • Methionine, DL-
  • Threonine, L-
  • Tryptophan, L-
  • Valine, L-

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