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Licensing and approval done? Perfect! But that is not the end of our work. Of course, we also support our licence customers in preparing for launch.

Our experts from supply chain management and logistics leave nothing to chance: when bringing a generic product to market on time for patent expiry, every day counts. The coordination of production, packaging, transport, testing, release and provision in contractually agreed time frames requires precise planning. The complexity of working across different time zones, languages and corporate cultures of all partners and clients involved should also not be underestimated.

Our experienced team plans and coordinates the delivery of finished medicinal products and takes care of the subsequent regular FDF deliveries. As an intermediary between customers and our international manufacturing partners for finished medicinal products, we handle the central planning and timely coordination and ensure commercial and logistical support throughout the entire product life cycle.

As a result, our customers also benefit from the advantages of our licensing concept:  Low quantity orders from individual licensees are no problem for us! We combine these into full batches to be able to serve smaller individual markets. Transport is always carried out by logistics service providers that are GDP-certified. In this way, we offer not only ourselves, but also our customers and business partners the fullest transparency and reliability in terms of supply and transport chains.


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