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Our WELDING system for supplier qualification

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To ensure that the quality is not only right for our products, we have introduced WELDING's own system for the qualification of suppliers and service providers. The system is supported by a supplier qualification database – SuppQ for short. It includes, among other things


  • Recording of permits, registrations and certificates
  • Recording of regulatory documents
  • Classification of audits, which includes:
    • Audits carried out by WELDING
    • Commissioning and coordination of audits by audit service providers
    • Coordination, preparation and monitoring of customer audits of suppliers
    • Organisation, preparation and monitoring of inspections by the Hamburg Health Authority in non-EU countries to obtain EU GMP certification
    • GMP questionnaires
  • Safeguarding the "Transfer of Information" through quality assurance agreements or change notification assurances
  • Clear definition of quality in the Welding specification system
  • Evaluation of the supply relationship including consideration of complaints
  • Further assessments / questionnaires, e.g. on pattern analysis


It goes without saying that our products and goods are sourced from qualified suppliers. Each quality-relevant agreement is evaluated, commented on and coordinated. We love transparency, which is why we disclose the qualification documents during a customer audit at WELDING.

Import permits do not pose a hurdle for us either: For active ingredients that require an import permit in accordance with the German Medicines Act (AMG), we at WELDING apply for an EU GMP inspection at the Hamburg Health Authority.

These include, among others, active substances of animal or human origin that are produced using microbiological or genetic engineering methods.


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