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Our WELDING Quality Management System (WMS)

SSafety, quality, performance: this trio is essential with the demand for flexible workflows and continuous improvement of all processes.

In our work, we rely on an excellent management system (WMS) that has been successfully audited by many clients. 

In the EudraGMDP database of the European Community for manufacturing authorisations and certificates for good manufacturing practices, which has existed since 2007, we are registered as the


  • holder of an import permit, DE_HH_01_MIA_2017_1005
  • and EU GMP certificate for the import of active substances of microbial and animal origin.
  • Distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients, DE_HH_01_Reg_2017_0044 and "GDP for active pharmaceutical ingredients" certificate (human + vet. application)
  • Wholesaler for human pharmaceuticals and "GDP for medicinal products" certificate


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