WELDING QU & RA – What we do for safety and quality

Our WELDING incident management

We put every deviation through its paces!

This allows us to not only seize the opportunity to become better ourselves, but we also act for our customers, suppliers and business partners. We attach particular importance to the following in customer complaints


  • complete transparency for all parties involved
  • comprehensive review, evaluation and revision of the content
  • timely and comprehensive dissemination of information


We correct any discrepancies that occur and learn from them: Corrective and Preventive Action – CAPA for short – is not an empty promise, but quality management in practice.

Customers have constant and close contact with us for their complaints. Our suppliers benefit from our service as well, because they receive the customers’ complaints only after they have already been checked. In addition, our service team is available to provide advice and assistance in dealing with complaints as well as all other incidents.


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Quality by WELDING

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