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Colorants / Pigments

What would the world be without colours?

Dull and monotonous! In the animal world, colours play an important biological role. In birds, the colourfulness of the plumage signals strong health – a clear advantage in courtship.

The colours of the feathers are also influenced by nutrition. Carotenoids are the most abundant natural pigments in nature. They are responsible for the yellow to red colouring in fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, feathers, fish meat, crustaceans, insects as well as aquatic plants and algae.

Carotenoids have always been part of human and animal diets. With the ongoing optimisation of animal feed, the industry has found new ways to formulate feed in a more cost-efficient way while still providing animals with the nutrients they need. At WELDING FEED, we offer essential xanthophylls and carotenoids to achieve the desired colour.

Various pigments are classified in the EU as carotenoids with the following functions according to their main indications:


  • Substances which add or restore colours in feedstuffs
  • Substances which, as ingredients of animal feed, colour food of animal origin
  • Substances that favourably influence the colour of ornamental fish or birds

In addition, carotenoids are also used in some animals, for example, to strengthen the immune system or the reproductive state:


  • Nature Gold
  • Nature Red
  • Nature Yellow

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