8 mai 2023 - Food

Looking for a Sustainable Source of Natural Fiber for Plant-Based Food Products?

WELCO InFiber 4002 is a mechanically extracted fiber derived from beet and carrot pulp after juice extraction. This natural fiber is not only environmentally friendly but also nutritionally valuable, providing a sustainable source of fiber for plant-based food products.  

Benefits of WELCO InFiber 4002 

WELCO InFiber 4002 is used in a variety of vegan meat analogues, emulsified meat products, plant-based burgers and sausages. It offers several benefits, including fiber enrichment, syneresis control, sustainability, clean label, and value enhancement. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition 

As consumers increasingly demand plant-based options, incorporating WELCO InFiber 4002 into your products can give you a competitive edge. It is a natural choice for any food manufacturer, as it contains no additional processing aids. 

Try WELCO InFiber 4002 Today 

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