Meat and Fish

We have partners throughout the global feed industry, being manufacturer, processor, distributor or enduser. Jointly with our producing partners we are investing consistently in infrastructure, to be able to supply fast and smoothly at any time. We are the link between compound feed producers in the single countries, multinational groups and our manufacturers for the global feed industry.

We serve the feed industry (compound feed, premix, pet- and fish feed producers) inter alia with amino acids and vitamins.

Registered Partner

Our animal feeds and additives are manufactured and distributed in accordance with the regulations of the European Union for animal feeds.

Welding GmbH & Co. KG is a registered importer certified by the German Authorities for consumer protection and food safety. This registration is documented in the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) (Announcement No. 10/01/005 of 04.06.2010) and is published in the European „List of approved feed business establishments“ (Art. 19 of EC Regulation183/2005). The  approbation number reads: α DE HH 1 00006. We are also certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and FAMI-QS.

Strong partners

If the slogan „trust is the beginning of all“ had not already been invented, we would do so. Actually, our cooperation with our partners is above all based on trust. This trust has led to a long-term cooperation. A cooperation which is defined mostly by reliability and which proves day by day to be beneficial to all parties:

Volzhsky Orgsynthese Logo

Volzhsky Orgsynthese for DL-Methionine feed grade
Since 1990 exclusive marketing and sale of DL-Methionine feed grade outside the CIS region (ex USSR), supply of the animal feed industry worldwide.

Nationalflagge von China

Leading manufacturers from China for Feed Additives and APIs for Veterinary Medicines
We are intensively cultivating our excellent and long-term relationships with our selected producers from China, first grade and stable quality and conditions are resulting from that. We have achieved highest recognition and one of the strongest market positions in Europe and overseas marketplaces for L-Threonine feed grade, L-Tryptophan feed grade, Inositol and Doxycycline HCl.

It is one of our assets to adopt our infrastructure constantly to the requirements of the market. Thus, our customers are, of course, receiving:

  • different packing solutions - 25 kg bags and PP-Big Bags of 800 kg, each on pallets and internationally labelled (in up to 10 languages)
  • storage in 3 different places throughout Europe (The Netherlands 2x and Poland)
  • experienced disponents guarantee professional handling of your order and secure both short ways and a fast supply of the required service

Animal Health

Apart from our activities in the nutritional scope we have also achieved a remarkable and established market position in veterinary active substances over the past decades. Both established and new veterinary APIs, prime documentation (CEP, DMF, GMP) and services are available.