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Akucell® Carboxymethylcellulose:
Sodium-CMC in food grade, a cold-water soluble hydrocolloid available with viscosity levels from 10 – 12.000 mPas, also available as ultra highly viscous types for special applications, clearly soluble, tasteless, salt- and acid-stable.

  • Application: convenience food, ice cream, bakery products, meat products
  • Declaration: E 466, Carboxymethylcellulose or Cellulose Gum

BDF-Ingredients, S. L. / Spain BDF Spanien

BDF-Ingredients, S.L., Spain, is a manufacturer of patented transglutaminase products for meat and fish applications.

It structures and binds meat respectively fish cuts. By means of the transglutaminase meat  respectively fish cuts are bonded and structured so that the manufacture of standardized meat and fish products is possible.
For the standardization of cooked salt meats, boiled and cooked sausages. PROBIND TX improves the stability and slice-ability and thus the product safety (suitable also for varying raw material qualities).

  • Application: meat products
  • Declaration: accordingly


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