All that humans need

As a partner of the German food industry we are competent for more than gesunde Pflanze just being a supplier of ingredients and food additives. In the division of foodstuffs we turn our focus especially on product and formulation development. This is where we implement not only our own wide knowledge, but also the expertise of our international contract partners. Together we are at hand with service and advice for our customers, at the same time are presenting solutions on current queries as well as independent ways of efficiency enhancement.

Beyond that, we support our customers with information and assist in developing sales and marketing strategies jointly with our suppliers and our clients. We offer:

  • adequate stock of a wide product range including amino acids, functional compounds, proteins, gelling agents and thickeners, etc.
  • support in the formulation development of our customers
  • continuous increase in the number of our suppliers and the elaboration of further application options
  • competent committed teams
  • timely and target orientated internal and external communication

We have what you need

Below you will find a concise overview of our major product groups. For further information please click on the logos of our principals.

Alginates, carrageenans, CMC, fish gelatine, gum arabic, guar gum specialities, HPMC, locust bean gum, gelatine, tara gum, Xanthan, organic as well as special hydrocolloids and systems.

Animal  proteins (pig skin respectively bovine hide), meat and bone stocks, fish proteins and collagens, gelatine, gelatine hydrolised, whey protein for meat applications, soy products, soup stocks.

Amino Acids and -derivates (as food additives) e.g. L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Arginine and HCl.

Specialities for food supplements
Choline, Coenzyme Q10, Collagen hydrolysate, Glutathione, Lactoferrin, Melatonin, Phospholipids in PS, PC, Taurine.

Functional baking ingredients
Cocoa fibre, Lecithin, sugar beet fibres

Ingredients for ice cream and pastry
Chunky ingredients for fillings and decorations, nut and cracknel specialities, binding agent compounds

Meat sector: Transglutaminase

Flavours, extracts
Smoke flavourings, browning agents, natural smoky flavours and smoked ingredients, plant extracts, seafood extracts

Coating agents
Glazing agents, MCT-oil, separating agents, coating agents

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