Development potential

Right from the beginning Welding's actions were focussed on the reliable supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The classic trade is the origin of the company and represents the foundation of today's success.

New business fields

Management and employees recognized the chances of both comprehensive and demand-orientated services. Such as: The safeguarding of the quality and the product documentation, the continuous extension and updating of the product portfolio, the optimisation of communication channels. Essential steps from a traditional trading house to a producer of service.

The world is our home

In a rapidly growing global market flexible structures and sophisticated professional competences are asked for more than ever. Already Mr. Alfred Ballin (*1857-1918, Hamburg Shipping company owner) had followed the motto “ My field is the world” and Welding has also followed this hanseatic tradition. In more than 60 countries of the world Welding is maintaining amicable contacts and is well established at his partners.