Amino Acids


L-lysine HCl 

L-lysine is the first limiting amino acid for pigs and the second limiting amino acid for poultry. It helps to improve the performance of animals and to lower production costs.

Product specifications & properties

  • Lysine content: min. 98.5%  
  • Loss on drying: max. 1%  
  • Appearance: white or light brown powder
  • Type of synthesis: fermentation
  • Note: L-lysine (Base) min. 78%
  • Storage: no special guidelines, store in cool and dry place
  • Stability: 2 years
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags

Regulatory status

Feed additive, category: amino acids, their salts and analogues

Manufacturing and supply

WELDING supplies L-lysine HCl from different selected sources in markets outside the European Union. 


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