Pimobendan is a cardiovascular medicine. It is administered for heart disorders or rather disorders of the atrioventricular valves, which can lead to cardiac insufficiency, such as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats and dogs as well as mitral valve endocardiosis.

Chemical name

  • (5RS)-6-(2(4-Methoxyphenyl)-1H-benzimidazol-5yl)-5methyl-4,5-dihydropyridazin-3(2H)-one

Product details

  • CAS number: 74150-27-9
  • Molecular formula: C19H18N4O2
  • Molecular weight: 334.4 g/mol


Pimobendan is supplied from a source qualified by WELDING with comprehensive documentation such as CEP, ASMF and national GMP for animal drugs.


  • Double PE bags in aluminium foil bags in PE drums      


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