Finished Dosage Forms


In addition to licensing and approval, we support our licensees with their launch preparations (timeline, quantities, artwork, etc.) as well as ongoing ordering processes (purchase order acceptance and confirmation, pooling of shortfalls, invoicing, etc.). Every day matters when it comes to bringing a generic product to market in time for patent expiry. The coordination of production, packaging, transport, testing, release and provision in contractually agreed timeframes requires precise planning. An additional challenge here is presented by having to work across different time zones, languages and corporate cultures of the partners and customers involved. Thanks to a team of experienced supply chain managers and logistics experts, we ensure the planning and coordination of the supply of finished medicinal products, the subsequent regular deliveries of finished medicinal products, and commercial and logistical support throughout the entire product life cycle. The team is responsible for central planning and coordination between each individual customer on the one hand and WELDING's international manufacturing partners for finished medicinal products on the other.

Here, too, our customers benefit from the advantages of the licensing concept, since, for example, orders for smaller quantities from individual licensees can be combined to form full batches. This makes it possible to serve smaller individual markets as well.