Expertise in All Areas

WELDING has been an established figure in the pharmaceutical market for more than 60 years.

With its experience in the procurement and supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients and a well-connected sales team, WELDING is a preferred partner when it comes to APIs.

The company has comprehensive market knowledge thanks to a combination of many years of experience in the field and its presence on the global market, enabling WELDING to offer the best advice and excellent customer service.
WELDING prepares and develops sales and marketing strategies with both customers and suppliers. Since WELDING considers itself to be the link between the API manufacturer and the customer, the success of WELDING’s partners is also considered the success of WELDING.

To provide its business partners with the best-possible support, WELDING's responsibilities in the commercial sector are divided between countries, however in regulatory and quality-related areas they are divided between products. A team made up of staff from commercial and scientific areas offers a service that is tailored to customers and manufacturers. We endeavour to constantly expand and update the product portfolio.

WELDING is certified according to ICH Q7, guaranteeing absolute reliability and an optimal service.
WELDING’s professional and highly experienced employees from the QU & RA department provide comprehensive advice in all regulatory and qualitative matters.