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Teicoplanin belongs to the active ingredient group of glycopeptide antibiotics and is used to treat serious infections caused by gram-positive pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis.

Teicoplanin is a mixture of several components, five main components (Teicoplanin A2-1 bis A2-5) and four minor components (Teicoplanin RS-1 to RS-4). Teicoplanin A2-1 accounts for the highest share by far. All components share a common glycopeptide core structure called Teicoplanin A3-1.

Chemical name

  • (3S,15R,18R,34R,35S,38S,48R,50aR)-34-(2-Acetylamino-2-deoxy--D-glucopyranosyloxy)-15-amino-22,31-dichloro-56-[2-(Z)-dec-4-enoylamino-2-deoxy--D-glucopyranosyloxy]-2,3,16,17,18,19,35,36,37,38,48,49,50,50a-tetradecahydro-6,11,40,44-tetrahydroxy-42-(-D-mannopyranosyloxy)-2,16,36,50,51,59-hexaoxo-1H,15H,34H-20,23:30,33-dietheno-3,18:35,48-bis(iminomethano)-4,8:10,14:25,28:43,47-tetrametheno-28H-[1,14,6,22]dioxadiazacyclooctacosino[4,5-m][10,2,16]benzoxadiazacyclotetracosine-38-carboxylic acid


  • Targocid®
  • Teichomycin

Product-specific information

  • CAS number: 61036-62-2 (component mixture)
  • Molecular formula: C88H95Cl2N9O33 (Teicoplanin A2-1)
  • Moleculare mass: 1878 g/mol (Teicoplanin A2-1)

Documentation, delivery and packaging

Teicoplanin is supplied from our qualified source along with extensive documentation, such as CEP, ASMF, EU GMP, written confirmation, etc.

Standard packaging size

  • 1 kg / box