Certificates & Permits


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

As a globally active medium-sized company, quick importing and exporting processes are extremely important to WELDING. In light of this, WELDING was certified according to AEO-F (AEO - Authorised Economic Operator) in 2008. This certification significantly speeds up the import and export of goods, especially in the USA.

Every three months, changes are reported to the customs authorities in Hamburg. We successfully passed an audit carried out by the Hamburg customs authorities in 2018 and received the AEO F certification once again. This status entitles us to benefits in the area of security-related customs controls and to simplifications in accordance with the customs regulations.

Increasing globalisation and the changing international outlook in terms of security have prompted the World Customs Organization (WCO) to create a global framework for effective and modern risk management in customs administrations with a "Framework of Standards for Secure and Facilitate Global Trade" (SAFE). The aim is to protect global supply chains from the manufacturer of goods to the end user, especially with regard to the cross-border trade of goods.