April 5, 2023 - Pharma API

WELDING PHARMA API Procurement Department launches first business trip to China since 2021

After a long hiatus due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they will finally be able to personally push their activities in China again and meet their long-time local partners.   

Stable business relations despite difficult times

The business trip in the summer of 2021 already proved that the business relations between WELDING PHARMA API and their business partners in China are stable despite the pandemic and survive difficult times unscathed.  

Excitement and anticipation

With great anticipation and a certain healthy caution and nervousness, the WELDING PHARMA API Purchasing Department sets out at the beginning of April, first visiting the API China Fair in Qingdao.   

The trip will then continue to Shanghai and Hangzhou, cities and regions with which WELDING PHARMA API Purchasing has particularly close ties due to numerous business connections.   

The trip will also provide an opportunity to meet some new partners with whom we have only recently established contact.  

Successful in a global company 

As part of WELDING PHARMA API, the department is proud to be part of a global company and looks to the future with confidence to continue to be successful internationally.