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As we all know, we eat with our eyes as much as our stomach.

A pudding should not only taste delicious, but also look as similar as possible to what is on the packaging. Alginate can faithfully reproduce the finest details and gel in exactly the same way as a baking or casserole dish. It is used in many areas – even in dentistry – due to its irreversible gelling. Alginate is obtained in a chemical process from brown algae, mostly cold-water algae.

In combination with calcium ions, the water-soluble alginate forms heat-stable
gels of varying firmness. In the food industry, it is therefore perfect for the production of aspic, custard powder, fruity spreads, ice cream, fillings in baked goods and solutions in meat applications.   

WELDING FOOD stocks various alginates that are used in a wide range of applications. As we love challenges, we of course also support our customers in the development of special recipes – also with certified organic raw materials.


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