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Functional plant proteins & animal proteins and enzymes

Proteins are the building blocks of our lives and account for around 20 per cent of total body mass.

They make us grow, are part of enzymes and hormones, form the basic structure of muscles, bones, skin, hair and nails and act as transporters or antibodies in the immune response.

In short: proteins are important!
As a biological macromolecule, proteins are composed of amino acids with peptide bonds. WELDING supplies proteins of animal origin that are extracted from the raw material in a physical process.

Our proteins offer functional properties that can be used to achieve interesting solutions, especially for meat applications
and food supplements.


  • Animal proteins (from pork rind or beef split skin), meat and bone broth, whey proteins
  • Vegetable proteins such as pea proteins, field bean proteins, soy products.
  • Enzymes such as transglutaminase for the meat sector

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